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Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) with Jenkins, GIT, Ant tool and Salesforce

18 Oct 2016 / Written by / Published in News

continuous integration 1

Continuous delivery is a series of practices designed to ensure that code can be rapidly and safely deployed to production by delivering every change to a production-like environment and ensuring business applications and services function as expected through rigorous automated testing. Since every change is delivered to a staging environment using complete automation, you can have confidence that the application can be deployed to production with the push of a button when the business is ready.

While continuous deployment may not be right for every company, continuous delivery is an absolute requirement of DevOps practices. Only when you continuously deliver your code can you have true confidence that your changes will be serving value to your customers within minutes of pushing the "go" button, and that you can actually push that button any time the business is ready for it.


Social Customer Service with Salesforce Service Cloud – Quick intro

18 Jul 2016 / Written by / Published in News

social hub

In the previous article ("Journey to Social Media Monetization"), we saw that delivering customer service over social media presents an opportunity to delight customers and improve brand reputation, while significantly reducing the cost per interaction. In this article, we will look into one of the best-of-breed technologies to tie together customer service operations with social networks. Today, users of's Service Cloud have built-in integration between the cloud-based customer service application and Facebook, as well as Twitter. 


Boost productivity of your Customer Service team with Artificial Intelligence: An experiment with Facebook Wit on Salesforce

08 Jun 2016 / Written by / Published in News

WIT Article V2 Q

Nowadays, almost every single business is capable of generating terabytes of data from internal business processes to external sources. For sure, data will never cease to flow in.

The main point is what to do with it. In fact, data only becomes useful when it is transformed into valid information, which is when it can be used to support the (right) decisions.

The real challenge here is to define and implement a process to make this transformation within the available budget and, at same time, keeping up with the speed that the business imposes in order to react to customers’ demand and competition.

This article looks to Artificial Intelligence as a tool to help businesses convert data into valid information and automate simple decisions. In order to do this, we developed a Proof of Concept (PoC) with the Social Customer Service (Social Media) department. For the AI we used Wit and for case management solution, was used.


Test Automation: WWW

08 Jun 2016 / Written by / Published in News

Because all Projects start with our Customers’ needs, the first phase on our approach focuses on understanding the context and challenges that drive each particular need.

We do so by asking the right questions and going deep to understand the root of the answers: WHY, WHAT, WHEN.


Test Automation: Critical Success Factors

12 May 2016 / Written by / Published in News

On the previous video, we shared with you why Test Automation initiatives fail so often.

But let’s stay positive around Test Automation and its success!

On our new video, we share with you the Critical Success Factors that drive outstanding Test Automation initiatives.

Stay tuned for the next paper in these series: Test Automation WWW.

Read more... Continuous Integration

22 Apr 2016 / Written by / Published in News

In this presentation you will learn more about Right IT’s Practice for Continuous Integration


Test Automation: Why does it Fail?

13 Apr 2016 / Written by / Published in News

Maybe your company already considered Software Test Automation and must certainly you already know its benefits, but, do you know why it does normally fail?

You can find out more with our infographic.

Stay tuned for the next paper in these series: Test Automation Critical Success Factors.


Journey to Social Media Monetization

13 Apr 2016 / Written by / Published in News

right it services social care solutions

Unlocking the power of Social Media Technology to businesses through Customer Service

Hello Marketers!

This is the first act of a series of articles that we are going to release in the next months to help you set your way on getting value from Social Media! Let’s call it the journey to social media monetization.

Discloser: If you are expecting to read another boring article about Social Media, it’s better for you to stop here. This is an article about Social Media Technology architecture, tools and best practices! This is not boring!

Many others before talked about the power of the social media networks, that’s a no-brainer and I’m not going to waste much of your time to convince you of that. Nevertheless, social media locks in a tremendous value for almost every single business out there. One of the aspects where social media can help your business to go further is in the customer support process.


Do you have an Idea?

10 Mar 2016 / Written by / Published in News

Right IT Services Ideas

“The IdeaExchange leverages the power of YOU, our user community.”
By Salesforce at IdeaExchange Overview & Status Definitions

Since day one, the keyword for Salesforce has always been Innovation. But it’s easier to talk about innovation, than actually to put it to practice…

How do you make sure that your employees, your company is focused on innovation? How to ensure that you are always a step ahead of your competitors? There may be good will to do it, but you need to grow that culture!

That is one of the reasons why Salesforce created the Idea Exchange. A so simple concept and maybe because of that so powerful and efficient. What better way to continue adding value to your product than by collecting improvement actions from your customers and partners?

And, because another principle from Salesforce is to share its success, if you are a Salesforce customer, you can also use Ideas for your own purpose.

At Right IT Services, we found this interesting, but not enough…


Salesforce IQ

14 Jan 2016 / Written by / Published in News

SalesforceIQ Logo

It’s been a while since Dreamforce’15 ended and it’s still buzzing in our heads. The event as a whole and, in particular, an awesome keynote. Why? Salesforce presented an excellent new product: Salesforce IQ for Small Business!

Salesforce IQ is a smart and simple CRM that is aimed at small and medium businesses. By having your Gmail or Exchange accounts connected with Salesforce IQ, the solution is ready to work, by capturing automatically your emails, meetings and phone calls, so you can focus on the most important part of the business: selling!


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