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In this Brown Bag about React Native and Salesforce, you can learn more about: 

  • What is React Native
  • How to link React Native with Salesforce 




The Salesforce ID is the unique key assigned to all records in It is what references each record in the backend of Salesforce.

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Creating new Accounts, Leads, Contacts or any Custom Object record in Salesforce that it is needed in your cloud solution is a daily task. The "Create New..." section allows you to create new records without the need to skip to another screen.


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How to override the HTTPS constraint on the Salesforce Communities Recommendations.


In this Brown Bag about Conga Composer, you can learn more about: 

  • What is Conga Composer and why you should use it
    • How it works
    • Highlights
  • Get ready to Conga
    • Conga Queries
    • Word Template
    • Template Builder
  • Get in the Conga line
    • Generate Documents
  • Learn some Conga dance moves
    • Tips & Tricks



When Right IT Services joined Shift Appens as a Gold Partner, we had the chance to set a challenge for the participants and to promote a talk/workshop about anything we would like.

Right IT asked for it Salesforce delivered it V2

When Salesforce started the journey to the Lightning experience, it provided a Kanban view of Opportunities. This was a great way to be able to see and change Opportunity records based on what stage they were assigned to. In Winter ’17, this was expanded to include Leads as well, impressive isn’t?

JQgrid in Salesforce 02


It is quite likely that, one day, in your professional career as Salesforce developer you will need to visually represent database information on a Visualforce page as part of one requirement in a project you are assigned to. At that point, you will realize that there are several ways of making it possible. One of them is by using JQGrid. In this article you are going to learn how easy it is to integrate JQGrid in Salesforce.

First: reCAPTCHA, do you know what it is? No? Check out this video:


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I'm sure you have read before about Bitcoin or at least heard about it at a ‘FinTech’ like paper. You may have even used Bitcoins before but I know that, when this subject comes up, fierce debates often follow. My intention today is not to talk about what is Blockchain, its value to the organizations or even to try to guess the future of Blockchain, no. I want to talk about Blockchain and Salesforce technologies working together, mentioning examples and use cases that add value to Salesforce customers.

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