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Salesforce Einstein: Everyone's Data Scientist

20 Feb 2018 / Written by  / News

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Einstein helps your business to discover, predict, recommend and automate.

It automates productivity with automatic data capturing and contextual insights, all with the new and improved Lightning UI.

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Einstein helps your business to discover, predict, recommend and automate.

It automates productivity with automatic data capturing and contextual insights, all with the new and improved Lightning UI.


But what is really Einstein?

Is all about Machine Learning, it's core process, using algorithms to learn from data with minimal programming, building its own logical function based on data.

The Machine Learning model is defined by attributes and characteristics to help make equations to solve problems.

It's what it's called Artificial Intelligence (AI), the concept of having machines “think like humans”.


How can Einstein integrate with Your Business?

So, you must have tons of data, so will have to start focusing on customer behavior, where the Machine Learning can start with answers like "What's the chance of opening an email with this subject?". AI can help you meet your customers' expectations, building a new level of customer service, knowing preferences, habits, and predict choices.

This can help your business to grow faster and with a new and personalized engagement across different platforms, all to provide a better service, product, overall satisfaction to your client.


How this will help with my CRM?

Einstein gives Salesforce artificial intelligence to help Sales, Service, Marketing and IT to be able to predict and recommend actions for you and your customers. Einstein takes care of data prep and models management. It learns from all your data — CRM data, email, calendar, social, ERP, and IoT.


Recommended Follow-Ups

  • Automatic task reminders that follow customers that didn't reply to emails.



Image Source: Salesforce



Predictive Scoring

  • Predict customer's likelihood of email engagement, unsubscribe action or web purchase;
  • Improve customer one-to-one journey.



Image Source: Salesforce


Predictive Audiences

  • Multiple predicted behaviors for building new audience segments.



Image Source: Salesforce


Predictive Content

  • More relevant content to the visitor, with product / service recommendations;
  • More prospect conversion from web visitors;
  • Recommend the best product, content, or offer for each individual.

Sentiment Insights

  • Automatically analyze the tone and sentiment of conversations in 10 languages;
  • Make smarter decisions around campaigns and truly understand the voice of your customer.

Language Insights

  • Detect and classify what language a post was authored in, giving marketers the ability to harness all conversations about a particular topic;
  • Slice and dice data into language segments.

Spam Detection Insights

  • Identify known spam sites across the social universe.


  • Services recommendation;
  • Offers cross-sells and upsells;
  • Prediction of Service fail.

Community Cloud Einstein

  • Suggested posts, articles, experts, and topic pages;
  • Optimized community experience for each community member, tailored to their interests;
  • Automatic case creation for customer posts that don’t receive a timely response;
  • Automatic case creation for customer posts that contain specific words (for example, “broken”).



Image Source: Salesforce


Analytics Cloud Einstein

  • Discover insights from millions of data combinations in minutes by automatically examining all possible variable combinations in a data set;
  • Eliminate the manual trial-and-error process of traditional hypothesis-driven analysis.



Image Source: Salesforce


Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Born with Salesforce Einstein, the Commerce Cloud is a predictive commerce platform that can discover, predict and recommend, personalizing the shopping experience to the user.

By using Machine Learning, Einstein uses a predictable model to show the most relevant products for the users.

This provides an unified experience, with a new Commerce Cloud Store, a POS with real time inventory, with a user journey and messaging that offers personalized responses, to offer a fast and customized support, with integration to social media.



Image Source: Salesforce


Product Recommendations

  • Unique, personalized recommendations throughout the shopper journey, including mobile and desktop e-commerce transactions and in-store interactions with store associates.

Predictive Email

  • Provide tailored content for individual emails;
  • Use relevant content, products, and offers without replacing email service providers.

Commerce Insights

  • Transform vast amounts of product, order, and customer data into actionable insights;
  • Understand product purchase correlation and power smarter merchandising and store planning.

See more about Salesforce Commerce Cloud here


The key features of Salesforce Einstein


  • Sales reps, Service Agents and Marketers have new customer insights, able to act and communicate in personalized and faster ways.


  • Give choices based on customers interaction predictions.


  • Makes recommendations for the next step in a Sales, Service and Marketing journey.


  • Learns from past actions and automates tasks.


Using Einstein

Einstein can be used by everyone, with point and click, customizing fields with AI and integrate with Lightning apps, building new apps with just clicks.

A predictive score field can be added to a page, process or rule, even building reports or list views sorted by the score.

And how about developers?

Developers, you can use the PredictionIO as a Heroku service to build custom machine learning engines in a fraction of the time. Or use the Predictive Vision Service API (beta only) to train deep learning models to recognize and classify images. You’ll be able to use pretrained classifiers or train your own classifier to solve unique use cases and deliver apps that can both monitor and automate processes.

Visit to learn more

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