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It is quite likely that, one day, in your professional career as Salesforce developer you will need to visually represent database information on a Visualforce page as part of one requirement in a project you are assigned to. At that point, you will realize that there are several ways of making it possible. One of them is by using JQGrid. In this article you are going to learn how easy it is to integrate JQGrid in Salesforce.

First: reCAPTCHA, do you know what it is? No? Check out this video:


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Sales: without them, companies stop. So, how to enable sales in the most effective way? Possibly by providing reps with the knowledge and resources they need to increase productivity and sell more effectively. It’s a lifelong discussion whether what matters most in sales is content or relationship but let’s focus on the former.

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I'm sure you have read before about Bitcoin or at least heard about it at a ‘FinTech’ like paper. You may have even used Bitcoins before but I know that, when this subject comes up, fierce debates often follow. My intention today is not to talk about what is Blockchain, its value to the organizations or even to try to guess the future of Blockchain, no. I want to talk about Blockchain and Salesforce technologies working together, mentioning examples and use cases that add value to Salesforce customers.

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Customers are becoming more demanding and the market is becoming more competitive. There is no margin for error. The Sales Rep must contact customers and prospects at the right moment and offer them products and services that they may want or need.

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While hiring, training, dealing with employment contracts and regulations are well within the HR framework, here at Right IT Services one of our HR Team's main concerns is also ensuring that our people are both healthy and satisfied at work.

So, for HR Team is a rule to encourage our people to take time for themselves.

A Right IT Services foi distinguida com o estatuto "PME Excelência 2016", distinção atribuída às empresas que mais contribuem de forma positiva para o desenvolvimento da economia em Portugal, distinguindo-se revelando solidez e idoneidade.

Esta distinção vem reforçar o trabalho de toda uma equipa ao longo destes 9 anos que hoje nos permite ser uma referência pelo IAPMEI, no sector das tecnologias em Portugal.

Assim, fomos convidados pelo “Diário de Notícias” a dar esta entrevista sobre a nossa história de crescimento e o futuro em construção todos os dias na Right IT Services.

Um enorme orgulho em todas as nossas pessoas que todos os dias dão o melhor para que este percurso se traduza em sucesso de uma empresa 100% portuguesa.

Para ler a notícia na íntegra, consulte este link.

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Next week, on the 6th and 7th of June, the II Job and Engineering Days (II Jornadas de Emprego e Engenharia do ISEP) will take place at the Porto School of Engineering (ISEP - Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto), organized by ISEP itself and AEISEP (Students' Association of ISEP).

Right IT Services will be a partner of this event and will be present with a stand where you can meet its HR team and know more about our company, what we have to offer and some of our culture. We will also have a talk about the Right IT's way to the future of CRMs called "Consider (to) Reset (your) Mind". This talk will take place on the 6th June at 3.10pm and will suit every engineering student.

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Commerce Cloud is all about customer experience. Offer each customer the experience that he expects as consumer, offer the products that fits in his needs and the products he wants to buy.

How? By offering each customer an individual experience across all channels, by enabling personalized consumer experiences and by building a better shopping experience.

What your company gain? An increase in your revenue by offering better and updated experiences to your customers as well as point-of-sale in constantly innovation.

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Continuous delivery is a series of practices designed to ensure that code can be rapidly and safely deployed to production by delivering every change to a production-like environment and ensuring business applications and services function as expected through rigorous automated testing. Since every change is delivered to a staging environment using complete automation, you can have confidence that the application can be deployed to production with the push of a button when the business is ready.

While continuous deployment may not be right for every company, continuous delivery is an absolute requirement of DevOps practices. Only when you continuously deliver your code can you have true confidence that your changes will be serving value to your customers within minutes of pushing the "go" button, and that you can actually push that button any time the business is ready for it.

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A Right IT Services garante soluções de IT, arquitetura de serviços, design e desenvolvimento de software e respetivos testes.


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