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Salesforce Summer'17: Top 5 Features

20 Fev. 2018 / Written by  / RITS articles



We are excited to present you some of the new features of the Salesforce Summer ’17 release! Once again, we are introducing the top 5 features for the key roles in your organization.


Top 5 Features for Sales People

1. Einstein Automated Contacts

This is a great idea and a super cool use of Einstein – but not some massive world-changing event. Essentially, what Einstein is doing here is analyzing all of the Email and Activity data related to your Opportunities and Accounts. Instead of having your Sales team having to remember to create Contacts every time someone new comes along (and we all know that can be a spotty practice), Einstein is watching these activities and emails and identifying a potentially new Contact for you.

2. Lightning Sync and Lightning for Outlook/Gmail

Lightning Sync now allows for both Office 365 and Google Suite the ability to sync Events and Contacts automatically without your users needing to do it from their client. Events is a bi-directional sync between Salesforce Events and the calendar in Office 365 or Google. In addition to syncing the event, it also syncs the meeting attendees. Finally, this is also bi-directional with Contacts. Contacts is particularly interesting as with this you can get the Contacts out of the local Outlook files and into a corporate central setting.

3. Einstein Insights Enhancements

Three new Insight types are now included: Anytime a Competitor is named, anytime an email mentions a Contact that is on the Opportunity is leaving, or when Leadership is changed at the Account the Opportunity belongs to. All are definitely handy items to be alerted to and keep in mind these alerts can be driven from ANY activity – not just the ones you are receiving yourself. Another new change is a user can now see Insights on an Account or Opportunity they don’t own by simply following them. Previously you had to be an Owner of the record to see the Insights on your homepage.

4. Date Matching on Einstein Activity Capture

Einstein Activity Capture now has some date criteria included into its processing to help determine whether an activity or email should be associated to an Opportunity or not.

5. Picklist Enhancements

The biggest change is that the picklist value limits has been bumped up. Picklists can now have up to 1,000 values. Multi-Selects have been bumped to 500 and users can grab 100 at a time.


Top 5 Features for Service Agents

1. Log a Call Action Available for Lightning Experience

Log a Call is now available in the Lightning experience Case Feed. Previously, you could only log the call, while, with this addition, you can now customize this action and allow for other objects to be related to the call.

2. Compact Case feed for Lightning Experience

Sometimes, there are cases that just keep going for so long that the case feed becomes a place with a lot of information, where not all of it is relevant at the time. This is the problem that the compact case feed was developed for, to improve and give a better experience to the user by simplifying and hiding lot of the information that was shown.

By default the feed posts are now condensed below the first. The user can get more details in any post by clicking in the arrow present on the post header.


service agents 02 cases compact case feed

Source: Salesforce


3. Lightning Console Split View

This feature aims to boost the productivity by adding an unobtrusive panel to the screen, where the user can fetch other records from a list view without losing the context to the records that he is currently working on. There are two ways to access the split view, you can click on the arrow present on the left or, alternatively, make a selection from the item menu, then click the Display As dropdown and select Split View.


service agents 03 lex console split view

Source: Salesforce


4. See Email Attachments in the Case’s Attachment Related List

Now, in the Case related list for Case Attachments you can see the attachments associated with an email and an icon indicating which of the records were saved as part of an email. This will ease the work of the agents since previously, email attachments weren’t displayed.


service agents 04 files related list email icon

Source: Salesforce


When an agent clicks View All on the Attachments related list, the Source column indicates where each file was originated.


service agents 04 files related list email list view

Source: Salesforce


5. See Where Your Service Cloud Features Stand with Lightning Experience

To help on the migration of the Salesforce Classic Service cloud features to the Lightning experience, this release bring us the Lightning Experience Readiness Check, which will analyze the org and provide us with insights on how ready it is to switch to the lightning experience.

From Setup, click Get Started in the Migration Assistant tile (1). On the Check Readiness tab (2) in the Migration Assistant, click Check Readiness (3).


service agents 05 lex readiness check

Source: Salesforce


After checking readiness, you will be presented with several information:

  • How to prepare features like Sales and Service Console and Salesforce Knowledge. You also get Lightning Experience roadmap and usage details on Service features like Live Agent, Omni-Channel, Entitlements, and more.
  • Get more precise recommendations about how to modify your JavaScript buttons and links for Lightning Experience.
  • See where your user profiles stand with Lightning Experience so you can decide who’s most-ready to participate in a pilot.
  • At the end of your report, we’ve added a checklist with explicit advice on which steps to take next on your journey to Lightning Experience.


Top 5 Features for Marketers

1. Audience Builder

Create smarter, more targeted segments in real-time, with Audience Builder from Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Audience Builder allows marketers to understand and engage with customers and unify all of the data in one place. With the drag-and-drop tools you are able to quickly correlate and manipulate the data using predictive data to understand your most important customer segments.

With the new improvements on the user interface which provides more clarity on how to set up and use attributes sets.

The attribute sets allow the ability to label the fields with marketer friendly names and descriptions. Although this feature were already in Contact Builder, some users misunderstood attribute sets and used them incorrectly upon attempting to modify data extensions.


marketers 01 audience builder

Source: Salesforce


2. Content Builder

These new features for Content Builder now allow you to Drag-and-Drop Code Snippets in Layout View. Before you could insert Code Snippets while editing HTML. Now users can drag snippets from the Content tab to their template or email, while still in Layout view of the editor.

3. Journey Builder

This new feature “Import Activity Configuration Enhancements” was added due to the fact that import activities included some of the most widely functionalities in Automation Studio but were very difficult to set up. Now there is an improved UI and import activity wizard for easier configuration.


marketers 03 journey builder

Source: Salesforce


4. Marketing Cloud Mobile App

New IOS features such as Home Dashboard Customization. Now you can track your favorite emails by just selecting the star icon from the Email Detail page. After selecting the star your selections appear at the bottom of the Home Dashboard. You can make a top 5 favorite emails at a time.


marketers 04 marketing cloud mobile app

Source: Salesforce


5. Help Documentation

This feature centers its focus on navigation improvement. New integrated search for Marketing Cloud Help in Salesforce Help and Training portal. Following the steps:

  1. Access the Help & Training portal.
  2. Enter your search term.
  3. Click the Marketing Cloud tab.
  4. Click the applicable topic to open a browser tab with the applicable Marketing Cloud help topic.


Top 5 Features for Administrators

1. Data Import Wizard: External IDs, Search, and Other Enhancements

The Data Import Wizard is perfect when we want to import data from a CSV file. That is why Salesforce is trying to make it even more powerful and simple. After this release, we will be able to search for fields when mapping, instead of scrolling, separate data in import file, match look-up fields with an external ID and handle error during the importation.

2. Search for Fields When Mapping

When we have an object with many fields the mapping can be a grueling task. So Salesforce made it easier. We can now simply search for a field instead of scrolling through a long list of fields. No more infinite scrolling.


admins 02 search for fields when mapping

Source: Salesforce


3. Separate Data in import file

This is a small improvement In the Data Import Wizard but can be very useful. You can now import files with fields separated by Comma or tab. To avoid errors you should only use one delimiter character.


admins 03 separate data in import file

Source: Salesforce


4. The Handling of Errors During Import Has Changed

We all like to be warned when there are issues, but sometimes the error is not visible in the import notification email. To address this, Salesforce changed the handling of errors during this type of process.

Previously, when you imported a CSV file with an invalid value, the row was imported, but the invalid field was dropped and you were not notified of the error. Now, the row is not imported and the error shows on the import notification email as failed. Also, when your file contained duplicate rows, those rows would not get imported, but you were not alerted of the error. Now, duplicate rows show as rejected on the import notification email. For example, imported text fields have a character limit. If your field exceeds the limit, the row is not imported. Your import notification email lets you know when a row isn’t imported, and details are available on the Bulk Job monitoring page.

5. Match Look-Up Fields with an External ID

After this release, the Data Import Wizard will support matching by specific external IDs in look-up and master-detail fields.

When importing an object with multiple external IDs and you choose to match the look-up file by external ID, you're prompted to choose one.


admins 05 match look up fields with an external ID

Source: Salesforce


Top 5 Features for Developers

1. Rich Text editors are back

Now, with LockerService enabled, you're able to use Rich Text editor in Lightning.

Most Rich Text editors are now using Quill. This move enables the Rich Text editors to be compliant with LockerService. However there are a few minor UI and formatting differences compared to previous releases.

Some of those differences are:

  1. The text alignment buttons are displayed after the list and indentation buttons.
  2. The Remove Formatting button clears text formatting.
  3. The default font family is Salesforce Sans, Arial, sans-serif, instead of Arial, Verdana, Trebuchet MS, sans-serif.


devs 01 rta customfields

Source: Salesforce


For Rich Text editors still using CKEditor, note that the ui:inputRichText component was deprecated and you should use the new lightning:inputRichText instead.

2. No more Javascript in the HYPERLINK function

If you use Javascript in a HYPERLINK function, then you'll have to rethink your approach. Due to a security vulnerability found in using Javascript to specify the URL of the link, this functionality has been removed.

So, before activating this update, you should review the use of JavaScript in HYPERLINK functions. Here are some possible workarounds:

  1. Custom button or link to execute onClick JavaScript. Supported in Salesforce Classic only.
  2. Lightning Experience Quick Action button. Create JavaScript in a Lightning Experience component executed through a Quick Action button. Supported in Lightning Experience only.
  3. Custom Visualforce page with an Apex controller to redirect to the correct URL. Take this approach if you can execute client-side conditional logic to redirect the user to where you want. Create an empty Visualforce page and an Apex controller. Pass the required values from the link to the controller. Then execute the logic to determine the URL in the controller method, to perform the redirect.

3. Manage what your user sees with Dynamically Update Flow Screen Fields

Lightning is not as fast as it could be, right? Also, showing too many inputs for your user to interact with might hinder the user experience, correct?

Well now you can use field rules to control when to show or hide particular screen fields. Turn your flows into guided UIs that respond to user's inputs and selections. Save your users time by showing only what they need when they need it.

Each field rule consists of conditions (1) and field settings (2). The conditions specify when to execute the rule. The field settings let you control whether the field is visible, hidden, required, or optional.


devs 03 flow fieldrules config

Source: Salesforce


4. How much do you hate the "UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION" error code in FLOW_EXCEPTION?

Possibly with a vengeance. If that's the case, then Salesforce has some good news for you. In this release was added extended error details to most flow errors. That way, you can craft the right error message for your client.


devs 04 example copy

Source: Salesforce


5. Send and Manage Orders in Lightning Experience

The Channel Order App (COA) is now available in Lightning Experience. Salesforce streamlined order submission (1) so it's faster to send orders back to Salesforce for billing, activation, and provisioning.

You also have more flexibility managing your existing orders with new edit, recall, and clone actions (2). This change applies to both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic.


devs 05 coa new order wizard

Source: Salesforce


devs 05 coa new actions

Source: Salesforce




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