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Right IT at Salesforce World Tour London

salesforce world tour

We’ve been at the Salesforce World Tour London and we were embraced by the innovation spirit that filled up London ExCeL exhibition center!

It was great to be face-to-face and to attend sessions with so many interesting people, representing such a wide range of industries and professional paths.

Salesforce introduced some of the newest features and improvements to its Customer Success Platform, along with key trends, from which we highlight next.

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Salesforce introduced some of the newest features and improvements to its Customer Success Platform, along with key trends, from which we highlight:

  • how Salesforce1 is changing the business: making it mobile, where new strategies are emerging and need to be aligned with business models and with the market, taking an important role for interact with Employees,  Customers and Partners;

  • The new Marketing Cloud: is taking another step, by optimizing email and mobile marketing, social media management and advertising;

  • Salesforce1 Lightning: new tools, components and integration to improve the Lightning App Builder with its drag-and-drop User Interface;

  • Beacons: how they’re changing the Retail Customer Experience within the digital revolution and the Internet of Things. The Retailers now have new and fully connected ways to interact with their Customers either outside / near the shop (ex: push promotions) or inside it (ex: browse info on a specific product or campaign);

  • Gamification: how it’s changing the way the user is motivated to achieve results, which helps predict sales outcomes and behaviors. Gamification is also associated with the Beacons, to show information on a product in a way that rewards the user with points;

  • Advertising based on the Customer, not on his profile, providing a marketer point of view. This way, is possible to learn more from the user, like his preferences and behaviors, resulting in more email subscriptions, more revenue and more specific and personalized advertising;

  • Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud: all devices connected with social networks, sensors, collecting data from any source with new insights and opportunities, providing new ways to reach the Client and interact with the Brand.

Another experience to retain and to share, was the opportunity to learn, in first-hand and in the first person, about the most recent Success Stories from Salesforce Customers in the UK.

From this point of view, it was great to hear from Sunil Prashara (Director, Channel and Operations) how Vodafone, a company with more than 435M mobile subscribers, 99K+ employees and the 2nd largest global operator, managed to use Salesforce as the catalyst to the business transformation journey in which they embarked.

With Salesforce, Vodafone managed to evolve from being a "quite fragmented organization", to a company capable of engaging its Customers in a totally innovating / disruptive way, providing excellence on Customer Service, along with empowering the Sales Teams with a real-time 360º view of their Customers and mobile capability.

We had also the opportunity, through Steve Weston's (CEO Mortgages) words, to get to know how Barclays, a 325 years old bank, is using Salesforce to leverage the information regarding its Customers and to aim at being, “until the end of the year, the most qualified digital workforce in the world”, while solving the most mentioned bottleneck on their business: lack of communication.

Now Barclays is using Salesforce to transform the way in which they engage with Mortgage Brokers, connecting the dots on a single platform and delivering innovative and superior Partner and Customer Journeys. Finally, and last but not least, Barclays is also using Salesforce Analytics Cloud to have all the relevant information right when and where they need it… even in the wrist with an Apple Watch.

All these experiences and stories, among many others that could also have been referenced in this article, made us sure that we will be on the Right path as long as we keep Our Mission in mind: to maximize business value through Technology Innovation.



Manuel Conde
CEO | Lead Technical Architect
Nuno Cardoso
UI/UX Architect
FaLang translation system by Faboba

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